About Us

Downton Interiors is a family run business offering luxury furniture without the luxury price tag. Stocking many exclusive items throughout our product range, we are proud to offer our customers a vast variety of furniture, mirrors and home accessories.

At Downton Interiors we promise;

•Lavish and unique products

•Competitive prices

•Excellent customer service

Lavish and unique products

We're honest and upfront about our sourcing, therefore we can offer our customers a huge range of products each to suit your home decor. From our mirrored furniture, our French country range to our industrial and rustic range we have it all.

Competitive prices

You want the high quality and luxury products, but not the big price tag. At Downton Interiors we can offer you the furnishings you desire, without having to break the bank to pay for it.

Excellent customer service

Our dedicated team are on hand at all times, contactable via email or over the phone we pride ourselves on our high level of customer service.

 Above all things, we believe in beautiful items, fair prices and excellent service.