Insta Accounts We Are Loving!

At Downton Interiors we’re all about being here for the home you love (see what we did there?!) so we thought to share with you guys our favourite 6 home instagram accounts. We’ve collated our faves into various aesthetics using some of our furniture ranges we feature on our site!

Industrial & Rustic

Think deep colours, metal and woodwork. These houses are *chefs kiss* mixing the hard elements of industrial styling into your everyday home. 

Followers – 111k
Joined – April 2016

Pati describes herself as an eclectic DIY-er, her account is full of stunning dark aesthetics with touches of industrial style in various rooms.

Followers – 319k 
Joined – November 2012

On the other end of the industrial/rustic spectrum we have Susanne Hawkins’ home account. The feminine touches mixed with exposed metal work, one of a kind pieces and airy rooms there’s no surprise she’s amounted the follower base she has. 


Our mirrored furniture range has become increasingly more and more popular over the years, with its modern edge and sleek designs they’re a perfect fit for any on trend home. 

Followers – 60.2k
Joined – January 2019

Jade created her account as a first time buyer, her home’s vibe is sleek, fresh and airy featuring multiple mirrored furniture pieces such as her coffee tables (which we’re OBESSED with). Proof that this new interior trend is popular, Jade’s had her account 2 years and amassed a pretty huge following already!

Followers – 21.6k
Joined – April 2013

Much like Jade’s account Emma at The Trendy Grey Home is just that, her page is full of images around her stunning modern family home. Her colour palette is that of greys and white’s with a sprinkle of mirrored furniture throughout.


Much like our Mirrored furniture range, our contemporary furniture range has become a firm favourite with our customers. 

Followers – 166k
Joined – March 2017

Stef’s home could’ve been showcased in either our mirrored or contemporary range, the family home is a haven of neutral pale airy colours with a splash of blue sprinkled throughout. And her garden is to die for!

Followers – 15.9k
Joined – July 2018

Another account ran by a first time buyer, Amy showcases her Persimmon home with pride. Each room is bright and airy featuring stunning colours in the bedroom. Each room has been delicately furnished with showing her impeccable attention to detail.

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Also if we’ve missed off your personal favourite accounts please let us know on our socials, we’re always on the look out for new accounts to drool over.

Please note none of these accounts are DI customers, they are in no way affiliated with DI we just love their content! 

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